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New Goals, Planning, Part 1 January 15, 2010

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Since I need to break down my larger goals into manageable chunks in order to succeed in them, I will do the same with my new year goals. 

Use all-ok, most-of the yarn I have for crochet patterns before buying new yarn. 

  • Take inventory of current yarn, including colors. 

    Most of the yarn is of the pastel range from the various baby related projects I started in high school. The other half includes some primary Halloween colors, purchased to make a Dragon Ball Z blanket for brother-wonder if he will accept one more than 6 years later, and some holiday colored yarn (deep wine & sparkly gold) 

  • Make a list of projects that will utilize current yarn inventory with little purchasing 

    Obviously a baby blanket with all the pastels. This should be easy since I started a blanket and can keep adding colors to it to create a multi-colored gender neutral baby blanket. Hubby says to make two, just in case we have twins…ummm, maybe. 

    Another obvious project is a Christmas project. I have no clue since I don’t have a lot of the holiday yarn, but I could supplement it with some white yarn from the inventory and make a scarf, ear warmer combo (no hats-my afro will be smushed). Another thought would be a nice holiday jacket for the kitty. 

    Make another baby blanket with remaining yarn-except holiday yarn…or maybe a jacket for the kitty. 

  • Find/design the patterns for the projects.
  • Practice any new stitches needed for the patterns.

Finish the bedroom make-over 

I would love to have this project finished by the time my hubby returns from his international trip. Which means, I have about three weeks to get ‘er done! 

  • Sew curtains
  • Sew pillow covers
  • Sew duvet cover
  • Purchase sheet set
  • Create and hang artwork

Get to the gym at least once a week or cancel the membership and find a dance class instead. 

  • Be honest, you hate the machines, so partner up! 

    I do hate the machines. I get bored. I love to be active-as long as it doesn’t seem too exercisey, things like dance classes, caperioa, pole dancing, etc are right up my alley. Walking to nowhere on a treadmill, nope-not even close to my street, much less my alley.  I could re-establish meeting at the gym with buddy on Wednesday (or was it Thursday) evenings for cardio and strength training on the machines, that way I’ll have someone to chat with while walking to nowhere. 

  • Ok, you still hate the machines, so look into classes. 

    I hate the machines, but the class offerings are not that great either. I don’t want to step or spin, I’m still going nowhere and have no reason or purpose behind the activity. 

  • Look up class schedule and chose three classes you’re interested in. 

    Yay! The gym location near me has changed up the class schedule. Ok, Hip Hop on Fridays, Kickboxing on Wednesdays and Pilates on Monday. 

  • Set-up class schedule 

    I’m starting slow. I will start going to one class a week for at least three weeks. Then I will add another class a week for another three weeks, and then add third class after another three weeks. BAAM! Within 9 weeks, I’ll be going to the gym three days a week-well, four if the machine relationship is re-established. Yikes, that’s a lot of working out. I didn’t attend that many classes (or rehearsals) even when I was in the dance company. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll do Hip-Hop first, then add Pilates and then Kickbox Cardio. 

Whew, that’s enough planning for one sitting. I need a break 🙂


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