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New Year Goals, Planning Part 2 January 30, 2010

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Continuation of breaking down my yearly goals into attainable steps.

Stop playing with my hair.

  • Realize the triggers for playing with my hair
  • Make steps to stop, redirect or hinder those triggers

Baby? Maybe?

  • Breathe, take a deep breath as a realize that I am old enough and mature enough to be at this point in my life. Then laugh uncontrollably before telling my heart to start back beating.
  • Discuss with my doctor what to do before conceiving and address any health concerns
  • Reconsider and make a long list of things I would like to do or have accomplished before having a child.
  • Find an OB/GYN
  • Realize I have accomplished most of the stuff on my list. Try to think of new things. Bali! I could go to Bali! What’s in Bali?
  • Start trying, or stop not trying

Find a way to make cleaning faster and easier and less work.

  • So much easier than the baby?maybe?
  • Download Real Simple’s Quick Cleaning Guide and try it for two weeks.
  • Make modifications to list based on laziness and ashmatatic cat who likes to help mommy with the dusting.

Review my old stories.

  • Pull out old stories
  • Reread old stories and try not to cringe at the craptastic value of them.
  • File, for sentimental value, if there is no artistic merit to them (maybe my future children will get a kick out of reading them).

 Perhaps restart an old story or start planning a new one.

  • Decide if any story has merit to continue.
  • Decide if any story has any barebones that can be salvaged into another story.
  • Start preplanning for that story or a short story to get serious writing feet back wet.

Drink more water (what is more water anyway)

  • Drink more unsweet herbal tea-it’s mostly water, right.
  • Alternate every other juice drink with glass of water

Cut down on vicious candy habit

  • Cry
  • Suffer withdrawal symptoms at the thought of reducing candy.
  • Sniffle as realize that it’s to cut down-not eliminate.
  • Decide how much to cut down? Number of pieces per week?
  • Pursue natural sweetness in the form of yummy fruit

Get the bathroom redone into my own personal spa so I can relax.

  • Redone is overkill, not talking major remodeling, just rearranging.
  • Determine what I would like in a spa and realize that a personal massuase will not fit in the bathroom.
  • Make a design plan and execute it.

How are your goals for the new year going?


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