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My Three Week Eat From the Pantry Challenge February 4, 2010

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Last month, the hubby left for a scheduled three-week international business trip. I had some major plans during those three weeks to stay sane and occupied so I wouldn’t miss him. I’m getting around to posting the results of those three weeks, so be patient.

One challenge I posed to myself was to Eat From the Pantry for the entire three weeks. It seemed simple, I only had to feed little old me and use up everything in the pantry and fridge and freezer. I figured I would save a ton of money by using up all the food while poor hubby suffered through expensed meals for three weeks.  Hey, three weeks of no grocery shopping would be hard on me, so I had to make up some rules.

  1. Don’t even look at the grocery ads. Yes, you will miss some sales, but ignorance is bliss.
  2. Dining out with friends doesn’t count. My friends really rallied around me during that time to make sure that I wouldn’t be lonely. You all know that times with friends usually include eating out.
  3. You need to cook for yourself. It’s not fair-nor healthy-to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I would have a plan for each week and then of course follow-up on my plan and the changes (ie dinner with friends, slept through lunch, etc.) Well, here goes! I’m excited to say the least.


2 Responses to “My Three Week Eat From the Pantry Challenge”

  1. Laurel Says:

    Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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