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Truffles and Love February 4, 2010

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I’m working on a little project for my community group at church. I call it a Month of Love, creative, huh 😛

Basically each group meeting, I am going to bring a little something to remind them of God’s love. We meet three times this month, so it will be three projects, if I’m able to attend all the group meetings that is.

Project #1: Boxful of Truffles

Materials for Truffles

Your favorite truffle recipe, I’m using the one from the Carnation Milk can, but modified to include four flavors: coffee, plain (vanilla), ginger-wasabi and banana’s foster. Basically make the same recipe, but portion it into four bowls that contain the flavors of your choice. Stir and add flavor to taste. Other yummy flavors that you can try are orange flavored liqueur, mint, lemon, curry, pepper, etc.

Materials for Boxes

White Favor Boxes $1

Scrapbook Paper $1/pack of 8

Construction Paper $1/pad



OPTIONAL: Curious Kitty

Build the boxes as instructed and add cut outs of hearts and heart outlines to the boxes in various patterns. Bonus points if you can keep the curious kitty from eating the paper cut-outs, tape or glue.

I added verse tags to the boxes using scraps of paper.

Once truffles are set, insert tissue paper or decorative wax cooking paper and give out.

You can replace the truffles with cookies or even smaller treats, but it’s a great project for children to do. Heck, buy three packs and fill with pencils and candy you got a class set for that holiday party for less than $10.

Total project cost:

Truffles-$0, all ingredients on hand

Boxes-$2 for 12 boxes with plenty of scrapbook paper leftover for other fun projects.


3 Responses to “Truffles and Love”

  1. LindsB Says:

    What a cute idea! I might have to try this with just one for the BF.

  2. […] #2-Verses for those yummy truffle boxes. […]

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