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SuperCook February 6, 2010

Filed under: Cooking — trntm @ 10:37 pm

I stumbled upon a neat website called SuperCook, I decided to enlist its help in my Pantry Challenge which is going strong. 

I think I’ve found my new best friend. You enter in all your stock from your kitchen and it spits out all the recipes you can make-RIGHT NOW.

I added a few items from my kitchen and I got back over 500 recipes I could make right then. Yummy!

I guess that ends the “there’s nothing to cook for dinner” debate.


2 Responses to “SuperCook”

  1. greeneyedsims Says:

    I’ve been wanting something like this for forever!…something that can give me recipes for what I have available. GIRL, this is great information! *runs to go check it out!*

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