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Pantry Challenge: Week One’s Results February 15, 2010

The Plan: I decided to start the first official week and eat all the perishables first. This included yogurt, brie, salted cod, tapenade, a cooked steak and some potatoes that were quickly growing into plants in the pantry.

The Plan for Week One.

The Results

Day 1
    Breakfast: “Goulash” (my former coworker named this). Yogurt & Cereal mixture
    Lunch: Peanut Butter and Tropical Fruit Sandwich on Wheat with Hot Blueberry Tea
    Dinner: Steak and California Veggies

Day 2
    Breakfast: Canned Tropical Fruit
    Lunch:  Lettuce Wraps
    Dinner: Lettuce Wraps

*I cheated and went grocery shopping-twice. I wanted some fresh fruits and vegetables and there were none in the house. I stocked up on fresh spinach, apples, lettuce and avocados. Then I spotted almonds on sale, imitation crab for some homemade sushi, balsamic vinaigrette on sale (note to self, plan on cheating more to stock up on the vinegar), my breakfast cereal on sale, pomegranate juice on sale and two types of yummy cheese, not on sale, but yummy.

Day 3
    Breakfast: bacon and eggs
    Lunch: olive garden with a friend

Day 4
    Breakfast: apple
    Lunch: McDonald’s with a friend
    Dinner: boiled crab legs

Day 5
    Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs
    Lunch: cheese and apples
    Dinner: steak and veggies

Day 6
    Breakfast: apple
    Lunch: rice, cookie, bagel chips
    Dinner: Roasted Veggie Pasta

Day 7
    Breakfast: Eggs
    Lunch: Canned Soup
    Dinner: sushi

I noticed that I tend to snack through the day or do without meals. Why? Because I don’t want to exert the effort to cook the meal. To combat this, I will try the method of freezer cooking so I will always have meals to pull out and warm up with minimal effort. Also, I’ll actually eat something more than an apple!

Ugh, time for plan b!


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