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Freezer Cooking February 17, 2010

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So freezer cooking is a concept where you prepare all the meals and then freeze then. It usually requires one full day of cooking. I’ve done variations of this in the past and the biggest hurdle for me is the clean-up. However, I want to try it again-this time including breakfast for me; lunches for hubby and I; and of course dinner for hubby and I. Instead of a month’s work of meals, I’ll just do two weeks of meals.

The steps seem easy enough.

  1. Decide what to cook. Plan around what’s on sale or what’s on hand.
  2. Gather recipes.
  3. Shop
  4. Cook! Broken down into preperation, cooking, assembling and freezing.

Since I’m still dealing with just me, I decided to experiment with two weeks worth of solo meals.

1. Decide what to cook. A quick look in the freezer pantry provided some clues of what needed to be cooked and fast.

  • Shrimp
  • Potatoes
  • Steak
  • Winter Squash

2. Gather recipes

3. Shop. No shopping needed, I have everything I need.

4. Cook

  • Thaw meats
  • Print recipes
  • Pre-chop as needed
  • Cook & Freeze

4 Responses to “Freezer Cooking”

  1. I love this idea! Makes it worth cooking that one day, when you can just pull whatever dinner you want out the freezer and just heat it up during the week.

  2. LindsB Says:

    I really need to get better at doing this- I tell myself I’m going to do it all the time but never seem to get around to it- I’m making it a goal for this weekend!

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