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Update on Eating Goal February 25, 2010

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Ok, I knew that I had to combat my candy habit and drink more water. I found a low sugar detox diet that also might explain my sweet tooth. It will hurt-a lot-like I will cry-and cry some more.

I know I can make improvements, but I can’t cut out ALL the foods that this diet listed. By the way, I hate the word diet. I’m in pursuit of a lifestyle change not a diet. All the more reason for the tears.

Back to this detox diet. A LOT of my favorite foods are on the list-cheese, fruit, juice, alcohol and mushrooms. Aghh! I can’t avoid ALL those items. I LOVE cheese and I LOVE fruit and I LOVE juice and I LOVE my margaritas and I LOVE mushrooms. I can’t avoid them forever.

I decided to see what I could eliminate and could not and what compromises I could do.

Aged Cheese: I snack on cheese. I adore cheese. I stand in the supermarket and drool at the sight of cheese. Cheese is a vice. I thought it was a healthy vice, but apparently according to this diet they are hurting me and making me have a sweet tooth. I don’t understand how something I love so dearly could be hurting me. I’m still in denial. Maybe there are some non-aged cheeses I could eat, but what will I be missing from my aged cheese friends?

  • Bleu. I like this in my salads and for snacking. I don’t eat it very often since it’s a bit strong. I could eliminate this for 6 months.
  • Cheddar. I snack on this all the time, nothing like a piece of cheddar and a glass of red wine. I would go through withdrawal after a month or two. Perhaps I could eliminate this for 1-2 months and then re-introduce it in smaller snacking quantities.
  • Feta. I eat this on salads, but again, not an everyday cheese. I could eliminate this for 6 months.
  • Gouda. I ‘heart’ smoked gouda. Smoked gouda is my first love. I could eliminate this for 2 months.

Additives & Preservatives: Ok, I can’t do this. This is in like EVERYTHING I eat and I’m not ready to go totally organic. Neither is my husband. I’ve been trying to get him to eat more vegetables-forget about eliminating this.

Alcohol: So what do I sip on at the party? Depending on if I get pregnant or not, this might be easier to do. Hey, isn’t it true that pregnant women can still have the occasional glass of wine?

Caffeine: I medically can’t have this anyway. Does this still count as being on the diet?

Chocolate: Not the biggest fan until around my period and then I want chocolate striped shortbread cookies…or Reese’s. I could monitor this a bit more carefully to determine how much I actually eat of this. I doubt it’s a lot. I won’t eliminate this, since the occasional chocolate striped shortbread cookie shouldn’t kill me and it falls under the caffeine section as well, so I have to limit my intake anyway.

Fruit: Who are we kidding. I eat fruit so I won’t turn to candy. I don’t think this is healthy for me at this point in spite the high sugar content.

Glutenous Foods: Basically anything made with wheat, rye, oats or barley. That includes wheat bread, rye bread and pasta. So it seems like this will be a low carb diet. I don’t eat a ton of bread, but I do enjoy pasta. So maybe just eliminate bread at the house for me, but keep my cereal (oats) and pasta dishes. Poor hubby. My mom just told him that carbs go straight to your butt and he’s been encouraging me to eat more bread. Can you guess which body part is his favorite?

Mushrooms: I like these, but haven’t had them in a while, so I can eliminate them for another 6 months.

Nuts: Any nuts high in mould, like peanuts. I don’t eat a lot of peanuts…unless it’s in Thai cuisine.

Condiments: Condiments tend to be high in sugar. I understand that and if I want to cut down on sugar, then condiments should be on the list. This means ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, horseradish, Worcestershire and soy sauce. The only one I have an issue with is soy sauce…I eat a lot of asian cuisine and thus a fair amount of soy sauce. I can eliminate the others for 6 months (except for ketchup on my waffle fries during those rare visits to a favorite fast food place).  They also say salad dressings, including a simple balsamic vinegar dressing, are best avoided. Um, how about no?

Sugar: The ultimate beast, the entire reason for this diet. Basically any chemical ending in ‘ose’, like lactose, sucrose, fructose etc. Goodbye, my refined sugar 😦

Spices: What? Are they serious? How about no?

Vinegar: Um, another no.

So, I’m a bit of a rebel. Since this is a lifestyle change and not some three month diet, I can’t eliminate all those things and then binge on them afterwards.  So I’m writing my own diet rules. Well, I didn’t exactly make them up, they are simple healthy eating rules. I decided to chose a few to focus on this year.

  • Eat more foods high in complex carbohydrates and fiber.
    This means less simple carbohydrates like refined sugars. At least daily have some sort of complex carb. I will read the label and avoid foods that list sugar, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, white or “wheat” flour, at the top of the list. I will also look for foods that have not been highly processed or refined.  The “rawer” the better.
  • Drink more water.
    I like unsweetened hot herbal tea in the cool evenings, so I could increase this. Two large cups of hot tea in the morning and two cups at night. My go to thermos holds 2 cups of liquid, so four of those a day and I will have eight cups of water easily. Hmm, that was easy…almost too easy.
  • Limit sugary foods and refined-grain products.
    According to, I need ~265 calories of luxury food items. That includes bad fats and sugars. Let’s see, one favorite jelly bean is 4 calories. I like to pop 2-5 after each lunch and dinner for that sweet sensation. That’s 40 calories. Not bad, but my issue won’t be the candy-that’s easy.

    It’s the liquid golden sugar. Like wine, a 5 oz serving of red wine has about 100 calories. Thank goodness I don’t drink a full serving in one sitting. Usually I drink 5 oz over two cups of wine, so about 50 calories for my glass of wine. My margarita, yea…that’s 150 calories, pina colada another 245 calories.  Ugh, how will I ever win! Sugar is EVERYWHERE!

    Ok, breathe, no more crying. Get your plan together…ok, got it. Limit myself to one serving size of some sweet with added sugar a day. This will range from candy to my beloved birthday cake addiction. I can do this. Also, limit self to three liquid treats a week. This includes soda and adult beverages. I need to stock the fridge with unsweetened ice tea. Gross, is that possible? Makes my inner southern belle shiver in her petticoat. I better make it a fruit herbal tea.


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