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The Heart of My Craft Room February 27, 2010

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Here’s a little peek into my craft/guest room. You have already seen it set up for guests, but I haven’t really showcased the craft part of the bedroom.

To start with, let’s look at the hub, the huge crafting desk.

The desk was purchased from a Habitat for Humanity Restore for $20 and it’s fifteen times heavier than it looks. I believe it is handmade with lots of heavy wood. The desk is about 54″ x 25″ and already it has served two purposes and I have a list of purposes for it to serve that will last about fifteen years. My only compliant with the desk is that the middle drawer is an awkward height. A regular chair will squeeze your legs underneath the desk, while a lower chair saves the legs, but causes the desk surface to be too high. I’ve tried basically making a custom chair by cutting down the legs of an existing dining room table and adding casters. My other thought would be raising the desk height somehow. Any other suggestions on how to fix that?

Originally the desk was wood toned, but I painted it white to use as a dresser/computer desk in my first apartment. Two of the drawers hold recyclables in the sense of tea containers, oatmeal boxes, etc. A third holds painting supplies, the middle holds paints and my Bible and journal for quiet time and the last drawer is empty for guests.

The wall behind the desk isn’t my favorite thing at the moment, and I have plans to change it, but I’ll talk about it anyway. I covered two cardboard pieces with fabric and stuck some cup hooks in it to create a station for all my scissors and supplies. It’s inconvenient since it’s not within reaching distance and I have to constantly get up and sit down to get supplies. Also, I would like a covered supply cabinet that doubles as a mirror. I have plans people, yes I do.

Next to my workhorse of a desk is my tower of organization! Two fabric covered bulletin boards and a dry erase board-all from the dollar store-hold patterns and to-do lists. A repurposed kitty litter box holds scrapbook paper, while some instructional books and binders make their home nearby.

The plastic drawers could be cuter-maybe one day I’ll paint the black casing a cute color-maybe a bright yellow? I also need to replace the “labels” with actual labels. Right now they’re paper glued to the plastic and slowly peeling off in the Texas humidity.

First tower, my sewing central. Tools includes glue sticks, floral wire, etc. Sewing Notions & Tools includes bobbins, sewing machine accessories, etc. Fasteners and Appliques holds…you guessed it! Fasteners (buttons, zippers, hooks) and appliques.

The second tower holds a few more sewing items. Trims and Ribbons and Beading and Craft Supplies are self-explanatory. Paper Crafts holds a mini paper-cutter, stickers and glue.

The last tower holds the biggies. I have a drawer for Projects in Progress such as a baby blanket and pillow cases. Patterns sits in one drawer and Decor Crafts holds items such as a spare lamp, nailhead trim, etc.

So there’s a peek into the heart of my craft room (not including the wrapping paper, yarn and fabric storage). How does your craft area look?


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