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My Guest Box March 5, 2010

Filed under: DIY,Guest Room,Home Decor,Organizing,Saving Money — trntm @ 3:26 am

Someone asked if I could show a photo of the wrapped soap that I made for my in-laws visit. Instead of just showing you the wrapped soap, I thought I’d show you the secret to being able to entertain my guests on a whim.

I introduce you to the “Guest Box”. It’s a simple shoebox that I wrapped and is kept in the linen closet. All guests are made aware of the wonderful box of fun after being shown to their room.

The box contains several supplies for overnight guests so that they’re comfortable. Things like band-aids, sleeping masks, tissues, cough drops, hand sanitizer and more. My handy box makes everything so easy. I love to entertain, which sometimes includes hosting guests overnight. When a person stays in my home, I try to make their stay like a luxury hotel as best as I can. This often includes a personalized guest basket to make their stay comfortable.

A friend came to visit me recently, so I grabbed the guest box and a large basket from the linen closet. I took out a small bottles of tolietries and included a fuzzy photo-album and a notepad since this friend loves to take photos and journal. Each basket also gets a welcome note explaining little things like the location of medicines and instructions to not allow the cat to take showers with you-no matter how much he begs-and generally just wishes of how much I hope they’ll enjoy their stay with us.

Everything gets put inside the basket, including a set of towels for my guest to use during their stay. It doesn’t cost much to maintain the basket, a trip to the dollar store every now and then to restock on soaps or toothbrushes, but I like to think that my guests appreciate the gesture.

What do you do to make your guests comfortable?


4 Responses to “My Guest Box”

  1. GoldenBuffy Says:

    WHat a wonderful idea. I’m going to have to tuck this idea away until we get a larger place to live. Right now it’s a bit cramped with 5 kids and my hubby in a three bedroom apt. So no over night guests for us right now. I’m sure your friends and family really enjoy the small, but pleasent touch!

  2. Laurel Says:

    So thoughtful and nice – who wouldn’t love this?

    • trntm Says:

      Thanks. For some reason, most of my guests have thought that the basket was decor. Maybe next time I will put the basket on the bed.

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