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From Green Beans to a Simple Chic Vase March 10, 2010

Filed under: Master Bedroom,Organizing — trntm @ 3:47 am

We’re in the middle of redoing our bedroom. Nothing really major, simply changing it from a sage green and brown monochromatic zen oasis into a glamorous vintage modern grey monochromatic sensual oasis. In the middle of another project for the bedroom, I had extra pieces of wrapping paper sitting on the floor-begging to be used. Since I hate to waste materials, including 4″ x 11″ silver paper scraps, I listened to the paper crying to be put to use. Plato, the cat, helped me decide by knocking over some cans that I had sitting on the steps waiting to be taken to the craft room for storage until they could find another use as well.

I took three different cans-ignoring the groans from the other cans not chosen-and set them on my table. I sprayed them with adhesive and attached the wrapping paper. The light makes the metallic paper look bent, but it’s not bent.

I then took some faux flowers that were used in our wedding and clipped the stems down until they were nestled nicely inside the vases.

The last step was placing the vases in their new home on the bedroom’s tea station. What do you think?

What have you repurposed lately?


4 Responses to “From Green Beans to a Simple Chic Vase”

  1. Kristin Says:

    What a lovely arrangement! And so simple!

    • trntm Says:

      Thanks, I think if you glue two cans together then the vase can be taller and add a little more height variation to the arrangement.

  2. LindsB Says:

    Really cute idea to reuse empty cans!

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