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$5 Challenge Inspiration March 30, 2010

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Wow, there are a lot of talented bloggers out there as evidenced by Living with Lindsay’s $5 Challenge. I spent days combing through all the entries. There was so much talent and simple awesomeness-I literally went awwweee, wooowww over quite of few projects.

I got quite a few great ideas for our home that I wanted to showcase. These are just a few of the projects that I thought would work in our home with our style. Clicking on the photos will take you to the tutorial for the project.

  • The Paisley Pair’s Kitchen Calendar
    This is a cute way to keep track of things going on in the household. For our house, I would use a weekly calendar instead to display the lunch and dinner menu for the week.


  • The Frugal Designer‘s AND Frugal with Flourish‘s Painted Bird Plates

    These plates are very cute and makes the perfect vintage modern decor item for a dining room. I can picture a series of these on our wall. Instead of birds, maybe cherry blossoms or damask patterns or even owls as homage to our university. This would also work as chargers for our dining room table since hubby and I eat off of salad plates in order to maintain the perfect size portions.


  • Dollar Store Craft‘s Phone Charging Station
    This is the perfect place to stash cellphones. Hubby and I currently stash them on a small telephone table in the bedroom. For our home, I would use only one of the file organizers and maybe add some wrapping paper or scrapbook paper over the mesh wire. Our bedroom is modern sensual luxe grey and taupe, but not that modern where the mesh would look good.


  • Wordy Bird‘s Cherry Blossom Tree
    I heart cherry blossoms and lovely plants as well. This one is even better as I can’t kill it! For our home, I would use solid colored rocks and maybe even add some cotton balls soaked in a pretty scent within the vase. The only hard part for us, is that since we live in a new subdivision, tree branches are hard to come by. I might ask a friend to save a few cute branches.  I can imagine two of these rising tall on the dining room table.


  • Frugal Designer’s Herb Garden
    I’m craving fresh herbs and am counting down the days until I can pick up my herbs. I tried growing herbs from seeds, but I have more luck with seedlings. These painted pots are perfect for that purpose.


  • Under The Table and Dreaming’s Recycled Sweater Vase
    This is perfect for when fall or winter makes it way back again. I can imagine a row of these during the chilly nights. How cute would this look with a miniature Christmas tree inside? Too cute.


  • A Little Moore‘s Family Memo Board
    Once our family grows, I can see myself using this every single day. I also love the fact that you can change the background according to your every whim and desire.


  • The Little Brown House‘s Romantic Wall Decor
    I’ve seen the cute vinyls, but I never thought to frame them out with trays like this. I have one of the vinyls called “Family” so for our house I would use that vinyl and either spray the trays bright white with black accents for a future stairwell project. This is also a great gift idea for a newlywed couple-which I have several coming up.


  • I Can Find the Time’s Clock
    This is a very creative use of materials and I LOVE how she found the clock for $1 and decided to disassemble it.


  • Living with Lindsay’s Embellished Kitchen Towel
    Why haven’t I thought to reserve a kitchen towel just to wipe my hands on.  This is cute. For our home I would make at least two of those. One for by the sink and drying my hands after dishes and one for by the stove and drying my hands as I cook. I’d also add a blue or black ribbon as well to match the decor.  This is also a great gift idea for those bridal showers that are sure to be starting sometime soon.


  • Jammer Sage‘s Berry Bush Wreath
    I’m not the biggest fan of wreaths, maybe it’s the way that they lack clean streamlined lines and this irks with my brain to no end. There were plenty of great wreaths entered into the challenge, all very beautiful, most just wouldn’t work in my home. Except for this one. Especially if I used all white berry bushes for the front door, or laid this down as a centerpiece on the dining room table, or even placed it in front of the powder room’s mirror.  Even better, this would be a very cute wedding detail on the church doors or hanging off the pews.


  • Our Hallberg 6’s Toddler Skirts and Generally Creative’s Aprons
    Love both projects. Since our baby is of the four-legged furry kind, I don’t think he’d appreciate wearing such a cute skirt, but I would take those placemats and make an apron with them.


  • Decor Balls from My Repurposed Life and Hicks in Hendersonville
    I have baskets and vases galore, but nothing to fill them, until I saw these beauties. For our home, I would paint them blue, silver, white and black and even cover some with wrapping paper, fabric, yarn and of course twine for added texture.


  • Toparies from House Affairs and Frugal Designer
    These are both great toparies. The berry bush ones would look nicely on a centerpiece featuring the berry bush wreath, which the moss ones would look great in a bath room. For our house, I would paint the pots a solid color and maybe add a piece of ribbon to them. The powder room needs some accessories and I love the frugal nature of these.

Make sure you visit Living with Lindsay’s $5 Challenge and browse through the hundreds of entries.

What were your favorites?


8 Responses to “$5 Challenge Inspiration”

  1. Thank you for featuring me!

  2. Great picks! I haven’t had time to look through all the links yet, so thanks for highlighting your favorites!

  3. Thanks for featuring me! You picked out some great projects!

  4. alittlemoore Says:

    Thanks for featuring my memo board! You picked many of my favorites too!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I too have spent days looking at all the links to the $5 challenge!

  6. Erin Says:

    Yay! Thanks so much for featuring my topiaries! I had so much fun doing the challenge!

  7. Erin Says:

    I just realized I typed “so much” too much! 🙂 Proves how excited I am!

  8. cute, cute, cute! I especially love the bird silhouette plates!

    The birds you asked about that I put above the door frames are cut out of vinyl, but you could also use cardstock.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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