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Better Late, Than Never…Right? April 8, 2010

Filed under: DIY,Home Decor — trntm @ 2:20 am

Um, how late is too late?

I created so many cute things for the month of love, but then real life happened and I was unable to add new posts. Well, I finally uploaded the images and thought, why not share.

Sure, it’s April and winter has fully been ran out of the house and spring has wrapped us in a warm embrace, but there’s always time for love, right?

#1-Love Letter from God. I found this Love Letter from God on the internet, printed it off and rolled it up for my group members. Add a little cute heart cut-out and it was a big hit. 

#2-Verses for those yummy truffle boxes.

#3-A repurposed dollar store sign to proudly say what I feel

#4-The table setting for the entire month using the sign from #3. I also used two dollar store birds originally purposed as Christmas ornaments, two dollar store hurricane vases, scrapbook paper, a piece of fuzzy white fabric and brown fabric as well as a candle stand from the living room (it’s actually a vase on top of a cake stand with Christmas ornaments surrounding the candle.)

I hope this wasn’t too late, but you know what they say…

Better late than never!


One Response to “Better Late, Than Never…Right?”

  1. neli Says:

    Your blog its amazing!!!!!

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