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Craft Room Inspiration April 15, 2010

Filed under: Craft Room,DIY,Home Decor,Organizing — trntm @ 1:58 pm
I have always gone back and forth with my craft room. It’s more than just changing my dream color scheme, which at the moment is pink, green, white and aqua-as the above office set. Let me see if I can explain.
I want my craft room to look like this:
and this
and this
I want it to be a comfortable functional place for me to indulge in my crafts, be it crocheting, painting or sewing. I want my supplies at my fingertips ready for that moment inspiration hits. I want it to be so organized that everything has a place, preferably a very pretty place. I love the freedom that it can be messy and I can close the door and be fine with the mess hidden behind it. I want it to be clean with a special spot for my crafting partner to curl up and lick himself before taking his customary cat nap.
However, the craft room also functions as a guest bedroom.  I want my guests to experience this
and this
As a guest bedroom, I want my guests to experience hotel like luxury and comfort.  They are free to come in, take off their shoes and feel instantly comfortable. It’s neat, clean and modern. No clutter to crowd their minds.
How can I combine both worlds?
I’ve thought of taking over the closet of the guest room and making that the crafting portion of the room and leaving the rest of the room as a functional guest room.
However, the words of my mother echo in my ear “Don’t decorate your house for guests, make your house for you.”
Then I think, heck, I deserve the entire room! We don’t have guests that often.
But when we do, since our friends and families are so far away (Puerto Rico, Alabama, Washington DC, etc) they tend to stay for a little while I want them to be comfortable and pampered.
Sigh. Any ideas?

One Response to “Craft Room Inspiration”

  1. Terri Says:

    It would depend on the size of the room. One thing you could look into is a murphy bed built in. do a wall of built in shelves, some enclosed, some open. The closed ones hold linens and things for guests, maybe on one side, the other side use for your crafts. You could make an opposite wall of shelving, cubbies etc with a built in desk that folds out with a support, much like the murphy bed ( kits are available) and fold it back up to the wall when guests are there. another idea is a large floor to ceiling curtain of luxurious material that you could draw accross in front of your crafty stuff to hide it from guests and keep the space relaxing for guests. Guests could potentually use some of the storage around the murphy bed for their stuff when visiting. This is something I may do in the future since I have the same issue. Hope this helps.

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