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30 Minute Closet Redo April 18, 2010

Filed under: Closet,Organizing — trntm @ 12:18 am

One thing about me is that I have, as one blogger put it, DADD (Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder) and I actually have ADHD, so needless to say I jump from project to project and am constantly changing things around.

I had 30 minutes while something was cooking in the oven, so instead of settling down to watch a TV show or wash laundry, what did I do?

Yep, reorganized the linen closet.

I must confess, the closet was pretty well-organized from before and I tend to purge quite frequently, so the only difference is that most of the items were scattered about all the shelves.

The top shelf holds Christmas decoration from the under-stairway closet. I had to make room in that closet for the Christmas tree which I am proud to say has finally come down-just in time for spring! Next to that is my secret stash of gifts-mostly things I stock up on during the after-Christmas sales and parcel out during the year for those birthdays or just thinking of you treats.

Next is an…empty shelf! YESSS, I love empty shelves, they hold the promise of being filled with beauty.

Underneath is our personal pharmacy. Four clear bins hold medicines and the cute labels read-Pain & Stomach; First Aid; Prescriptions; Cold & Flu and Allergies. Crammed next to them is my guest box-which actually now is turned the other direction after I purged the closet of toliet paper and put plenty of extras in the bathrooms around the house. The toilet paper is on the other side of the medicine bins and looks so cute stacked in their cottony pillars. Next to the guest box are extra supplies-light bulbs, dryer sheets, toothpaste and hand soaps. I suppose a basket for those items would be nice.

The next shelf holds the linens of the linen closet. The hubby and I keep our queen sized sheets in clear fabric shoe boxes underneath our bed, so these linens are strictly for guests. Everything from extra pillows, blankets, sheets and towels. All for the guests.

Then, wait for it…an empty shelf!

The bottom of the closet is mostly my hubby’s fault. There are two large bins of files of some sort from our days in university and plenty of laptop cases and extra duffel bags thanks to our donations to charities. The random pillow and clear bins irked me to no end, so I quickly found a new home for them, which I promise you will see.

What part of your linen closet drives you crazy?


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