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Twist Out April 20, 2010

Filed under: Hair,Hairstyle — trntm @ 2:18 pm

Finally took my braids out and did my first round of co-washing. I like to cowash at least three times before I feel confident that all the little gritties and pieces of lint are gone.

After the second co-wash and air dry time, I twisted my hair in big twists, pulled it into a ponytail. Wrapped a scarf and popped on a satin bonnet then went to bed. Ignore the spot of conditoner on the top of my head.

Then I untwisted it in the morning. This is the result.

I love my hair.

What do you love about your hair?


One Response to “Twist Out”

  1. greeneyedsims Says:

    All the gray in the front. *laughs sarcastically*

    No, seriously, I like the length of my hair. I started the process of growing out my relaxer. Haven’t had a retouch since last December. I’m going for an easier maintenance. I’m gonna try out the ‘Wave Nouveau system’ this December. I figure a year of allowing my relaxer to grow out, might be enough time so I don’t have to get a lot cut off.

    My hubbie has talked me into Wave Nouveau…he used to style hair back in the day. So we’ll see how it works’s moisture balanced, and since I wet my hair everyday for prayers, it should work out better for me.

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