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Update on Crochet Goal April 25, 2010

Filed under: DIY — trntm @ 2:50 am

I’m working very hard on the baby blanket to use up most of the pastel yarn. I think I might actually have enough yarn for two blankets…just barely. So what else could I make with the excess yarn?


I recently had joined their shopping club, or preferred customer program, to get extra coupons for my craft projects. Their website also holds a ton of project ideas and I found and fell in love with the Ami’s. The Whats? The Amigurumi projects. So cute.

image from Joann’s

Whoot Whoot! Go Owls! How cute would this look in navy blue and grey for our future Rice Owl?

image from Joanns

 It’s a cute widdle puppy wuppy!


image from JoAnns
image from JoAnn’s

 I also fell in love with this duo. Would this be the cutest set for a photo shoot by a lake? A little froggy photo shoot. Too cute!

Now, I did look at other, non-baby related, projects and found some cute items to use my holiday yarn. 

image from JoAnns

Like this little guy. He’s supposed to be an ornament. Isn’t he adorable. I could give him out with a box of cookies as a nice little gift.

image from JoAnns

Or this cute pillow for Christmas time decorating 

image from JoAnns

Or even this cute outfit for Plato’s Halloween outfit, or he could be a Christmas angel if I change the colors.

Now that I have some inspiration beyond the regular blanket that is my repertoire, I can’t wait to finish this baby blanket and move on to something new.  Heck, I might even try my hand at a scarf…maybe.



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