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Birthday Grocery Store, Part 2 May 2, 2010

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Remember this?

Well if you guessed I was making her a kit to take over the world, you were right!

Ok, not really.

I had to put aside my own dreams and ambitions-I really wanted the firefighter set-and think about the little one. What would she like? Thankfully she was a pro at pretending, so I decided to run with that.

My inspiration was the cute little baskets, don’t they look like they belong in your local market?

Add a few fake fruits and veggies and my idea for a full-fledged grocery store was taking shape. Welcome to the world of small business ownership little one!

I had to bring my dreams down a bit as I reminded myself that she’s only 2 and I didn’t know how much room was available to set up an actual storefront and bins full of fake produce a la the one that Pam from London made.

Instead I made sure that everything would be able to be corralled into a big red basket for easy clean-up.

So what does a market need? Well, you need produce-which was easy enough, simply cute off the tags and pop in the baskets.

You need bags to bag all your groceries in. Placing lunch sized brown paper bags in the printer created personalized bags for the store.

What about processed foods? After trying my hand at creating personalized food labels and running out of cute ideas for cereal names, I googled vintage images and found quite a few images of retro cereal boxes and canned goods.

Pasting them to repurposed boxes and paper towel rolls created enough processed food for a little shelf. Yummy, healthy foods like prunes.

Great, the store is stocked and the little one can practice her language skills by identifying everything, but produce doesn’t come for free. Little Elmo grinned up at me from the activity book I also purchased and the foam sheets wiggled and giggled at me. Ok, maybe it was getting late…

Anyhoo, I cut the green foam into dollar bills. I thought about finding a photo of her and making her the center of the bill as the future president…maybe next birthday.

After the dollar bills were cut, I needed a place to store them-thinking of future clean-ups. I quickly glued two foam sheets together to form a wallet and then cut out circles to make a grinning Elmo. Elmo looked lonely on the big wallet, so I added a large letter L for her name on the front. Once it was stuffed with dollar bills it was so cute.

Now she could learn math skills while purchasing her groceries.

After taking photos of the finished product, I realized that I forgot the coupons! You can’t go grocery shopping without coupons! Oh, what about a credit card!

A few snips of the scissor and I had coupons and a credit card ready for the little one.

Now, the finished product.

It was so much fun to make this for her and get this, it was all less that $8. Yep, everything in the basket, less than $8. I wonder if she’ll let me play with her?

What was your favorite gift as a child?


3 Responses to “Birthday Grocery Store, Part 2”

  1. greeneyedsims Says:

    I’d take your little nerdy gift ideas, ANY DAY. This is so fun, cute, and SMART!! It has no age limit, basically. The child can play store up until elementary school!

    It’s such a stimulation of the senses for her and will help her understand the fundamentals of budgeting/saving/spending. How adorable!

  2. Tessa Says:

    Wow! I’ve been reading through some of your older entries, and you are amazing! I couldn’t come up with some of this stuff if I tried!

  3. Megan Says:

    I think that this is so cute and even better that you thought to include the big red basket for clean ups.

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