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Protective Styling Challenge, Week 1 Check In May 12, 2010

Filed under: Hair,Routine — trntm @ 12:26 am

You might remember that I started a challenge for the next month:

  • Protective Styling for at least 5 days a week-Tuesday through Friday.
  • Deep treatment once a week with shea butter and jojoba oil-Monday.
  • Loose hair for one day a week-Sunday.

Here are the results of Week 1

  • Change in Length: Will measure at the end of the challenge
  • Protective Style of choice: Two Strand Twists
  • Deep Treatment Option and Time: Baking Soda and Conditioner

The deep treatment of choice wasn’t that great in my opinion. It was supposed to leave the hair softer. I didn’t notice a difference, but then again, my hair is pretty soft.

The two strand twists took about 3 hours to put in and kept fairly well. I put them in after the baking soda deep conditioning treatment.  To keep the hair moist, I dipped my fingers in a conditioner and water mixture as I twisted the hair.

On day 2 of the trial, I tried a curly style on the twists by putting them in four big twists and putting satin covered sponge rollers on the ends. The result was this cute curly twist style. I decided to do it again, this time spraying the hair with my homemade moisturizing spray and homemade moisturizing shea butter cream. Even better, the hair was softer and shinier even, especially the ends.  I loved this style, my hair on the other hand didn’t love it as much. The twists started to unravel. I think that having my ends straightened with the rollers was enough to have the twists unravel since my hair is more wavy in texture than curly.  If I do this again, I would alternate and let the hair rest without the rollers every other day so it won’t unravel as quickly.

For bedtime, I put a satin wrap and cap on. For about three nights I sprayed the twists with my homemade moisturizing spray and sealed the ends with my homemade moisturizing shea butter cream. I wore a plastic cap those nights to let my hair experience even more moisture and a deep conditioning. I think my hair likes this a lot, the ends clumped better and I can’t wait to try this on my loose hair. It will be a lot better than daily wash and go’s.

This week I had a random hair dream in which my twists were yanked out of my head and I had a LARGE bald spot on top of my head. This freaked me out since I tend to play with my hair a lot. So the plan for the next few days will be pinning the twists into a updo for even less manipulation.


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