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Protective Styling Challenge, Week 2 Check In May 18, 2010

Filed under: Hair,Routine — trntm @ 12:29 am

You might remember that I started a challenge for the next month:

  • Protective Styling for at least 5 days a week-Tuesday through Friday.
  • Deep treatment once a week with shea butter and jojoba oil-Monday.
  • Loose hair for one day a week-Sunday.

Here are the results of Week 2

  • Change in Length: Will measure at the end of the challenge
  • Protective Style of choice: Two Strand Twist
  • Deep Treatment Option and Time:  Overnight spray and cream few times a week.

I continued the same set of two strand twists from last week. They are starting to look fuzzy at the top, but then again, they looked that way when they were freshly done. I need to tweak my technique, especially on the crown of my head which is highly visible.

I wore an updo in effort to keep my hand out of my head. I think the next style I try will be flat twists, since I don’t have the HIH (hand-in-head) disease if the hair is pulled into an updo or flat twists or cornrows. I have never done a flat twist before, so I’m researching now.

My ends are looking healthier. I have been making an effort to trim any one strand knots or frayed ends that I see. I like the way that the curls are clumping on the ends. I’ve also noticed that the twists are still unraveling especially on the looser textured sections of my hair.


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