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Protective Styling Challenge, Week 3 Check-In May 28, 2010

Filed under: Hair,Routine — trntm @ 12:29 am

You might remember that I started a challenge for the next month:

  • Protective Styling for at least 5 days a week-Tuesday through Friday.
  • Deep treatment once a week with shea butter and jojoba oil-Monday.
  • Loose hair for one day a week-Sunday.

Here are the results of week 3

  • Change in Length: Will measure at the end of the challenge
  • Protective Style of choice: two strand twists
  • Deep Treatment Option and Time: daily spray and shea butter with plastic cap. Also, wearing the plastic cap if staying in the house for the day.

This week I started a biotin supplement and changed my spray to a rosemary and honey infused water spray. The spray stinks to be honest, especially with the plastic bag. I might start using the spray only in the morning without the bag. I think it’s the container or the pieces of rosemary and basil that made it through the straining process.

Noticed quite a bit of growth as well as lightening of my hair. I think this is due to the honey and rosemary, as well as going outside more often due to my new garden. I don’t mind the change in color as I have always wanted my hair 1-2 shades lighter, but of course you can’t do that with dyes and I don’t want to damage my hair with bleaching it. My hair usually gets lighter in the summer time, but I think the rosemary and honey are intensifying the process.

Wore a twistout for a few days on the weekend-ok, two days only. The twistout was interesting, a bit fuzzy since the twists themselves were fuzzy.


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