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Protective Styling Challenge, Week 4 Check In June 2, 2010

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You might remember that I started a challenge for the next month:

  • Protective Styling for at least 5 days a week-Tuesday through Friday.
  • Deep treatment once a week with shea butter and jojoba oil-Monday.
  • Loose hair for one day a week-Sunday.

Here are the results of week 4

  • Change in Length: 0.5″
  • Protective Style of choice: twist-out
  • Deep Treatment Option and Time: protien treatment with egg

My deep treatment for the last week was a protien treatment since I took my hair out of the two strand twists. I mixed one egg, a bit of honey, olive oil, lemon juice and plenty of conditioner in a bowl. It was very runny, so I applied the treatment over the sink with the bowl underneath to catch any drips from my hands. I put a plastic cap and allowed the mixture to sit for one hour before rinsing it out and following with an apple cider vineger rinse.

For the apple cider vinegar rinse, I mixed one part apple cider vinger, four parts water and three parts rosemary-basil tea. The rosemary basil tea was made days before by boiling fresh rosemary and basil with water, letting the mixture steep for 24 hours and then pouring the strained mixture into a bottle. I rinsed the hair with cold water afterwards.

My hair felt different, it wasn’t softer since my hair is already soft, but it was more moist even though it was dry and more silky, the strands glided by each other much easier. I think this is because of the sealing of the cuticle from the apple cider vinegar and the cold water rinse.

The next day, my hair felt unbelievably dry. I think I may not have conditioned it enough after the protien treatment. After another wash and condition, I wore the hair pulled in a loose fauxhawk and then flat twisted the hair the next day. It was the first time I did flat twists and they were passable. I put rollers on the ends and didn’t leave the house for two days 😛

So it’s the end of the challenge. Here are my thoughts.

  • I liked trying new styles with my twists
  • I didn’t like washing my twists-talk about major matting. I won’t do that again.
  • I learned that my hair really likes having a plastic bag on at night-maybe not every night, but at least every other night. The ends stayed really moist. Also, I am more in tune with my hair needs than I thought, I went back to the basics of a moisturizing spray daily and my hair thanked me for it. I also learned how to do flat twists.

Will I do this again? Well, I am in a challenge with myself to keep protective styles until December-so yes. However, I will do protective styles that last three-six weeks instead of the weekly protective styling. Also with summer here, I want to wear my hair loose a bit more, so I might be rocking large twists during the week and twist-outs on the weekends. We shall see.


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