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Real Simple Design Style, Step 1 June 15, 2010

Filed under: Home Decor — trntm @ 11:53 pm

Remember our trip into the Real Simple Design Style. My style was Sophisticated Classic  and for the most part it fit me.

Another way to identify your design style is described in four real simple steps. I’m taking the time to finish step one.

1. Look at your furniture.

    Our redone dresserOur travel souvenirs

    Our dining table-it was a score at $70 and I LOOOVE it

    Our redone lamps

    The walls-I want crown molding and more architectural details.The floors-I want wood flooring.

    The kitchen cabinets-I would like them to be higher and darker-remember the popcorn incident?

Hmm, looks like there are some major remodeling projects in the horizon if I get my way.


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