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Real Simple Design Style, Step 2 June 20, 2010

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2. Gather items you cherish. Check the top of your dresser, your mantel, your bookshelves, then pull special clothes from your closet. “Focus on the items that make you feel beautiful and joyful,” says McCarthy.

My collection was a bit random

  • Silver earrings from Santorini
  • Collection of my favorite music
  • Goat cheese from the fridge
  • Blue exotic earrings from Target
  • Abel’s Island
  • Lacey panties that makes my butt look priceless
  • Theatrical mask from Venice
  • Strip of soft chenille fabric
  • Fruit of the Loom bra that makes me look great
  • Plato, our cat
  • Walnuts
  • Oriental Lily from backyard
  • My youth bible
  • Jasmine scented candle
  • Blue shell necklace from Burlington Coat Factory
  • Jelly Belly jellybeans

So, I’m easily prone to joy (I like that better than ‘easily amused’).  My collection told me that the things that make me feel beautiful and joyful are very sensual in nature since they use many of my senses-tastes, touch, smell, etc.  Some things I didn’t put on the list because well…technically they’re not mine, like sunshine and stormy nights, are also very sensual in nature. At least this helps me realize that my environment must be very sensual, so I should make a checklist-“smell-check; taste-check; touch-check”.

What is one item that makes you feel joyful?


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