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Real Simple Design Style, Step 3 June 25, 2010

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3. Think about places you love and why you love them. “Picture your dream home, if you could live anywhere,” says McCarthy. Then think outside of home: “If you were invited to the Oscars, what would you wear?” This moves you beyond the limitations of your lifestyle and budget and into a new realm of creativity.

  • My dream home would actually be a serious of homes. One would be in Puerto Rico in the mountains, close enough to the rainforest and beach-basically in the exact spot of my in-laws house. The second would be on the cliffs of Santorini so that I can enjoy the gorgeous view each day and the cool breeze and simply sit on the stone patio, lay in the sun and smile. The third would be in Chicago by the pier, high enough to see the cityscape and lights and within walking distance to all the great shows and restaurants.
  • The Oscar question, I’d wear this

    with seamed fishnet stockings.

Where would your dream home be?


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