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The Making of a Bar/Console Table-Part 3 August 15, 2010

Filed under: DIY,Home Decor,Lounge — trntm @ 12:59 am

The bar is finally finished.

It went from this

to this with the addition of some wrapping paper

to this with the addition of a fabric curtain panel.

The console section of the bar is complete. There is plenty of room for shoes, purses, mail, keys and pesky receipts. 

The bar section looks empty, but that’s because I stocked the bar after the photo. I didn’t want you to think that all we did was drink ^_^

After using the bar, I’ve decided not to add a wider top for now and I need to add a nice tall plant in the corner instead of the tall table. I might add some curtains to the bar as well so all the goodies are on display.

The final tally for the bar/console table:

  • Bookcases, 3, =$39

Everything else was on hand at the house. So for less than $40, I have a nice piece of furniture to welcome guests and serve tasty adult beverages.


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