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Home Office, Planning Stage August 20, 2010

Filed under: Home Decor,Home Office — trntm @ 12:19 am

I’m almost ready to start working on my study area at home. I’m a planner and I have to write and draw and collect images to think out my plan.


  • Studying for classes
  • Reading for classes
  • Researching for classes/thesis
  • Grading papers for TA work
  • Writing papers for class/thesis
  • Place to view deadlines and progress on projects

Needs Based on Functions

  • Space for laptop for writing and research
  • Space to spread out multiple source material while writing research papers


  • Shelf space for current textbooks and reading materials
  • Space to keep TA/RA Materials


  • Calendar to view deadlines


  • A way to view progress on projects (clipboards or dry erase boards)


  • Comfortable chair for working and reading
  • Reading area that’s comfortable, but not too comfortable.


We’ll see if I can get my home study space to actually look like the images.


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