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My Hair August 25, 2010

Filed under: Hair — trntm @ 4:02 am

Some were curious about my hair, so here is a photo of it.

The photo is older, from earlier this summer and my hair was just beginning to lighten thanks to the summer sun and the rosemary and honey spritz.

I love the fact that my hair is a paradox-much like it’s owner. Somedays it will hang long, other days it will shrink to above my ears. When I stretch it I am often surprised at how long it is.

I’m currently in a length challenge with myself. I decided as of August 2009 I would spend 15 months with my hair in protective styles-meaning braids, twists, wigs, etc. 

My challenge ends this December, but I plan on extending it until the spring of 2011 considering that I wear my hair in protective styles for the winter anyway.

So far it has been fun experimenting with different wigs and confusing my friends as well as playing with different protective styles and accessories.

Do you have a different routine for your hair depending on the season?


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