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My Hair Progress September 7, 2010

Filed under: Hair — trntm @ 3:22 am

It’s been a little over 4 months since I started my growth challenge.

I met my three month goal of +1.5″ in my opinion. I did a small trim to my hair, so it was a bit less than the goal length of 10.5″, I’m counting the 0.5″ as the trim amount.

My next length check will be ~Oct 30th hopefully I will have another 1.5″ or more of growth. I stopped the biotin pills due to nasty gross breakouts. I had just gotten my breakouts under control and my skin was clear when the biotin breakouts popped up. I decided to stop the pills due to the frustration with my skin’s appearance.

My hair was in protective styling for the past 2 months, a 5 week tree braid style and a 4 week cornrow style. I couldn’t go much longer due to my hair’s growth-yay! and the fuzziness of the braids. I have determined that if I wash/rinse the braids and keep my scalp clean then I don’t have dandruff issues after taking the braids out. Which is a plus especially since the dandruff would get so bad that it would cause scabs. I think if I use a rosemary vinager rinse with my braids or twists, this will also help to keep the scalp clean. I will try this for my next protective styling.

Today I finger combed the hair in the shower-no combs at all-and detangling was nicer and gentler. My hair is now starting to head south as opposed to out, so we’ll see how it looks once it is fully dry.

Somethings that work for my hair:

Giovonni Conditioner, rated as organic and part of the cosmetic pact.

Rosemary Rinses-rosemary brewed in water and sprayed to hair.

Shea Butter mix. I tried a change to the “formula” and added rosemary oil to the mix. I made the rosemary oil by slowly heating olive oil and rosemary leaves. Since we have a very healthy rosemary plant, I want to use it as much as possible. Side note-rosemary also helps with memory, so I want to get a seedling from the plant for my desks.


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