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Curlformers, Trial 1 September 19, 2010

Filed under: Hair,Products — trntm @ 12:03 am

Tried curlformers today. My mother-chemically processed hair-tried them and wasn’t a fan due to her hair tearing out.

To prepare, my hair was soaked in conditioner and I would coat the hook with excess conditioner as I put the curlformers in my head.

I used large sections-think 1″x1″ boxes, thus it took about 45 minutes.

Today was a cloudy, gloomy, rainy-like day.

I air dried for 6 hours.

My results, a nice still damp poof of hair. Think old school experiments when your mother would put rollers in your hair and at recess they would get frizzy. Yep, nice big poof.

Sigh, hubby said I should try again with a few changes: less conditioner and smaller sections. Since the ones that looked good were smaller sections. I might try again after putting the hair in a ponytail and having curly ends. Also, need to invest in more of the longest curlformers (extra long) since a lot of my ends were hanging out of the curlformers, or maybe just focus on curling the tips and doing a curly twistout.

Also, their website says that they can be used on wigs, so I might give one of my wigs a nice curly do.


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