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12 Month Hair Goals November 10, 2010

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Decided to set a one year growth challenge for myself and my hair.  I haven’t paid attention to the length of my hair before, opting to focus on the health of my curly hair instead.  Since I tend to get scissor happy, this year will be more about not cutting my hair than anything. Thankfully I’ve been blessed with a fast growth rate 0.5″ each month, so hopefully I can see some increase to the growth rate as well as retention to the length. To help me, I’ve broken my challenge into weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. However, I will trim my hair if I deem it necessary, healthy hair is still the priority.


  • Vitamins-MSM, multivitamin, calcium and biotin daily
  • 64 fl oz water daily-add a dash of lime juice since I prefer drinking water this way.
  • Keep hair under a scarf or plastic bag when in the house to keep hands out of head and playing with the curls.

  • Every other night baggy with rosemary mist and shea butter on ends.
  • Rinse hair every other day to remoisture the strands
  • Scalp massage MWFS weekly-bonus points if talk hubby into doing this. Extra bonus points if I can get a back massage out of it as well.
  • Deep condition 1x week and rinse with ACV and rosemary tea

  • Protein treatment 2x month (1st/15th)  followed with baking soda deep conditioner and ACV rinse.
    • Egg (whole egg + conditioner + oil + honey) 1st / Yogurt (plain yogurt + conditioner + oil + honey)15th


    3 month Goal
    + 1.5”
    • Personal Protective Style Challenge: twists, wigs, braids, etc.


    6 month Goal
    • Personal Protective Style Challenge ends.
    • Protective Styles-optional weekend loose.


    9 month Goal
    • Protective Styles-optional weekend loose


    12 month Goal
    • Protective Styles-optional weekend loose

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