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Grow Out Challenge Progress November 22, 2011

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It’s been a year since my 12 month growth challenge and let’s see how things have been:


  • Vitamins-MSM, multivitamin, calcium and biotin daily I stopped this since the biotin was causing really bad breakouts that I am still struggling to get my skin back to the way it was
  • 64 fl oz water daily-add a dash of lime juice since I prefer drinking water this way. Um, not so much. Got tired of running to the bathroom during class, need to revisit this
  • Keep hair under a scarf or plastic bag when in the house to keep hands out of head and playing with the curls. Really good with this one. My hair is “put away” most times


  • Every other night baggy with rosemary mist and shea butter on ends. Not so much since ran out of shea butter and didn’t reorder
  • Rinse hair every other day to remoisture the strands Do this very often, but made my twists and protective styles tangled
  • Scalp massage MWFS weekly-bonus points if talk hubby into doing this. Extra bonus points if I can get a back massage out of it as well. um…this didn’t last long at all
  • Deep condition 1x week and rinse with ACV and rosemary tea pretty well with this, sometimes didn’t always deep condition or ACV rinse, but most times after taking down protective styles I followed this routine


  • Protein treatment 2x month (1st/15th)  followed with baking soda deep conditioner and ACV rinse. Not at all, the protective styles lead me to do this once a month instead
  • Egg (whole egg + conditioner + oil + honey) 1st / Yogurt (plain yogurt + conditioner + oil + honey)15th

QUARTERLY this was with mixed results

3 month Goal
+ 1.5”
  • Personal Protective Style Challenge: twists, wigs, braids, etc.
6 month Goal
  • Personal Protective Style Challenge ends.
  • Protective Styles-optional weekend loose.
9 month Goal
  • Protective Styles-optional weekend loose
12 month Goal
  • Protective Styles-optional weekend loose

Overall I did ok, my hair grew quite a bit from stretched shoulder length to stretched arm-pit/bra strap length. I learned a few things which I will be putting to use with my next grow out challenge 🙂 details coming soon!

A few pics

Sept 2010                                                                 Sept 2011

Length check Feb 2011


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