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Growth Challenge 2012 December 10, 2011

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I said that I learned a few things from my last growth challenge.


-A year is great for a longer goal, but I need to work with monthly or quarterly goals and do check-ups after each time to keep progress moving. Otherwise I lose motivation.


-I didn’t trim my hair at all, which wasn’t that great. I have a lot of split ends and single strand knots. This was from lots of things, mostly (I think) wearing my hair loose and trying to detangle to the last inch of life. For a while it looked like my hair had stopped growing. I will be getting a professional straightening and trim to start my next growth challenge with healthy hair and ends. I will try not to leave with an actual cut…it will be hard.

Drinking Water

-I have to work to drink liquids of any kind, so drinking water is hard for me since I visit the restroom more often as a result. Hubby has to drink more water due to his physical fitness routine, so I will try to drink more water as well.

Protective Styling and Water

-Protective styling, aka twists, were great, but rinsing them wasn’t so great. They got so tangled that I felt that I lost more hair in the detangling process than I gained in the growth process.

-Going forward I am trying large braids pulled into buns during the week, then wearing my hair loose on the weekends and finally washing/detangling and rebraiding it on Sunday. I’m hoping that this will (1) cause less single strand knots as I stretch my ends with rollers, (2) still function as protective styling since it’s bunned most of the week and (3) still allow me to wash and detangle (which should be easier since the hair was in large braids for most of the week instead of loose curly which causes more single strand knots).

Growth Challenge 2012

So this year, I will  have quarterly goals and routines that I will reevaluate monthly for progress. I don’t have a clear length in inches in mind, but I do want my hair to touch my shoulders while curly.

image from happykinksforever

Based on that and of course, healthy hair, I have set up a few quarterly routines

-Continue big braids & buns for stretched curls during the week and twist outs on weekends.

-Wash days include washing with baking soda and conditioner to cleanse my hair and open the cuticles, deep condition with coconut oil and conditioner, follow up with ACV-rosemary rinse. Monthly do protein treatment with egg and conditioner.

-Reevaluate the health of the hair after one quarter. However, reevaluate the moisture and “feel” of the hair after each wash and make adjustments as needed

-I haven’t decided if I will actually measure my hair in inches each quarter


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