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Results of Hot Oil Treatment January 11, 2012

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One word: yuck

I know, I know. Hot oil treatments are like the magic spell for hair. I slowly heated some coconut oil and added a bit of honey. I added the oil mixture to my hair, loosely made four big twists and walked around the house for about an hour with a plastic cap.

When I washed it out, my hair felt yuck! It was strawlike and the hair strands felt rough.

While washing I remembered talk about porosity and how my hair has low porosity, so I did a quick internet search and discovered that other naturals with low porosity hair also have bad results with oil, which is true for me. I always thought I was doing something wrong! I also discovered that too much ACV can have the same effect, hence why after one wash with ACV and the hair is great, but after multiple rinses, not so much.

There was also good news about my baking soda and why my hair loved it. Since it opens the cuticle, it allows moisture into my hair, hence why my hair felt great after the baking soda deep treatments 🙂

Now at least I know why oil and my hair don’t really agree, but now I need to find a new method to seal my ends. Any suggestions?


2 Responses to “Results of Hot Oil Treatment”

  1. LillianMae Says:

    Hi! I love the title of your blog.

    I am a transitioner, but sealing in moisture is important for every stage of the natural process. Here is my sealing technique:

  2. […] did a hot oil treatment last time, you can read about the results here. I was still rinsing oil out of my hair and waiting for my hair to “balance itself […]

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