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PYE: Week 2 & Multiple Pony Braid January 22, 2012

Filed under: Challenge,Hair,Hairstyle — trntm @ 4:44 pm

Ok, week 2-check in.

I did a hot oil treatment last time, you can read about the results here. I was still rinsing oil out of my hair and waiting for my hair to “balance itself out”.

This week I did chunky two strand twists-about 20 total in my hair. I then wore my signature multiple pony, but with a twist.

Since the ends needed to be tucked in, I had to make adjustments.

I gathered the first section of my hair and made a ponytail.

I then gathered the second section of my hair along with the end of the first ponytail and made a second pony-tail.

I braided the loose end.

Then took a booby pin and anchored the end of the braid into the braid itself, by folding it under.

This style is easy and quick, notice a theme yet with my styles 😛 By the time it was looking rough, it would be time to wash it again 🙂 Not a bad weekly style.

I am doing weekly styles since I struggle with dandruff and have to rinse my scalp at least twice a week. This does havoc on my styles such as two-strand twists, so I simply try to find weekly styles, or at the most, styles that last two weeks-like my two strand twists.

How often do you change your hair style?


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