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PYE Week 3 January 29, 2012

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Week 2 of the PYE Challenge wasn’t that good. At all. Thankfully my hair was tucked away. Unfortunately, my hair was tucked away, so it was later in the week when I realized just how dry and “icky” my hair felt. So Week 3 of the PYE Challenge was focused on rebalancing my hair.

To help remedy that, I did a baking soda deep treatment.

Basically, I cowashed my hair.

Then I applied a baking soda-conditioner mix. 1/3 baking soda to 2/3 conditioner.

I applied the mixture to my hair and cover with a plastic bag.

After 30-45 minutes, I rinse the mixture out and follow with a light AVC rinse.

I did twelve big braids and then flat braided those braids together to go around my head and meet in the back. I then made a ponytail, braided the end and tucked the ends.

I did the multipony tail again with the big braids.

So far, much less tangles and scalp more moisturized thanks to my rosemary spritz. Next time I do the baking soda deep treatment, I don’t think I’ll follow with the ACV rinse, my hair was so soft after the DT, but then the ACV rinse made it feel “squeaky”. I almost feel like I’m relearning my hair for this challenge, which is odd since it didn’t give me any trouble in terms of moisture and dryness the entire latter part of the year and I was wearing the multipony weekly and keeping my ends tucked away. Perhaps less is more and the braided multi-pony with rosemary spritz is all I need. The whole sealing my ends with oils hasn’t worked so far and left my hair worse than before, so I’ll be returning to sealing with conditioner after I cowash. Wish me luck.

Have you tried anything new in your hair that didn’t work out as planned?


One Response to “PYE Week 3”

  1. That is so awesome! Makeup definitely helps me keep my hands away from my face.

    Good for you for keeping up with your goals!!

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