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PYE Week 4 Check Up & PIH February 5, 2012

Filed under: Challenge,Hair,PIH,Routine,Skin — trntm @ 8:38 pm

Week 4! One month down, two more to go! 1/3 of the way through the challenge!!!

Pretty much the same as Week 3-braided multipony, sealed with conditioner, rosemary spritz daily or every other day. I’m not doing a length check until the end of the challenge to minimize breakage from stretching/heat. The rosemary spray is awesome, don’t know why I stopped doing it…o, I remember, I wouldn’t use the whole batch and then I’d get mold in the bottle-gotta love no preservatives 😛 Well, my hair loves that it’s back, I don’t even have to rinse my scalp as often, just spray daily and no more itch 🙂

For my PIH, I have been wearing makeup in public, which keeps my hands away from my face and the next goal is to start a backing soda & lemon facial scrub. I am trying to do more natural treatments of the acne and PIH and there is hope that if I can keep my hands away from my face and picking my scars (I know, gross) everything will fade away successfully. ow do I know that? Thanks to my nostril pimple-LOL! I got a pimple on my lower nostril where the nose meets the mouth area, it’s a hard to read place and getting a pimple there was really odd. It left the usually dark spot (bummer) but it faded really quickly, maybe four weeks. Mostly because it’s so inconvient that my fingers and hands don’t go there. So now I need to find ways to keep my hands away from my face and skin, which is a never ending battle. Any tips?


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