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PYE Week 5 February 12, 2012

Filed under: Challenge,Hair,Routine — trntm @ 4:12 pm

Week 5 was much better. My hair has finally “rebalanced” and is soft and moisturized. I was able to keep the last braids for almost two weeks before washing them and my ends are amazing! The generous trimming has been paying off, but not in terms of length, but at least my ends are healthy and shiny and smooth like seaweed.

I wore six big braids this past week that were wrapped around each other towards the back and placed in a low bun. Flowers made the bun look a bit different each day, though I need to experiment more with scarves.

To be honest, I haven’t had my mind on my hair that much, other RL things are going on. This is probably a good thing for my hair as well, since I tend to do the braided bun and leave it alone aside from spraying my rosemary spray daily.

No length check, I plan on doing that at the end of the challenge. I have noticed that my curls are clumping more and that some of them are hanging lower than before, but nothing official yet.


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