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PYE Week 10 March 18, 2012

Filed under: Challenge,Hair — trntm @ 8:44 pm

I was debating about the trim since I tend to overestimate how “bad” my ends are. I decided to take the scissors to my head and do some snipping of split ends and single strand knots. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

I am looking forward to the end of the challenge. I usually put my ends away, but not as religiously as this challenge. I would wear buns at work, then take down my hair and slap on a bonnet at home, or a ponytail. I’m also curious about my length growth, but I may not straigthen my hair until the end of May for an important event.

I have learned that my hair is happier in twists or braids, not loose in buns. Loose hair in a bun equals tangle city for me. I have also learned that certain sections of my hair get more single strand knots (SSKs) than others. I have a patch of wiry 4c hair in the back left (my kitchen) and it forever remains with tons of SSKs, almost like they’re those beads you wear in your braids when you’re little, at the ends of my hair. The front of my hair tends to get the most split ends, probably due to manipulation and that I don’t wear my hair out as often (which is sad since I love my curlies)

Some changes to my hair have been that the curls are clumping together more, not sure what is the cause of that, the challenge or the pregnancy and some of the curls are getting looser as well. It’s still soft and the back edges are growing out very fast. Also, hairs that I once thought were shed hairs since they stick out of my twists and seem abnormally long, are more often than not, my actual hair still connected to my scalp. So I have stopped yanking thoses out-ouch!

“Wet” hair from the shower, though I stepped from the shower, my low porosity hair actually still isn’t soaking wet :\


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