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Coconut Oil & Rosemary Tea Spray April 11, 2012

Filed under: Hair,Routine — trntm @ 7:00 pm

Made some rosemary tea spray (brew rosemary and filtered water) and added that plus coconut oil to my hair before bed. It felt soooo soft and amazing. I need to do this more often.

I am loving my hair! It hangs down now more instead of head north. It still heads east and west though, so some days I’m rocking football shaped hair 🙂

I only plan on having it loose for about a week to a week and a half before twisting it up for a month. My goal is to try some flat twists or…maybe attempt a cornroll or two and twist the back.

I must keep in mind that my hair is WAVY not curly. It doesn’t do the cute little curlies, instead it waves with a few curls at the end. I am accepting that, since it’s hard to find hair examples like mine with tiny waves that don’t curl. It’s hard to describe, but then again, some say my hair is curly.

I am trying out banana clips instead of ponytail holders to see if they work just as well with less stress. Putting them in is hard, but with practice I’m sure I’ll get it.

Also, learned detangling/combing through my hair with my fingers is better, it clumps the curls and is gentler on my hair. I love it…except when I don’t. That’s when I really need to get rid of shed hair, I turn to my comb, but for wash and go’s, I finger comb for better clumping.

What are you loving about your hair?


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