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Hair Rinses, Trial April 30, 2012

Filed under: Hair — trntm @ 12:43 am

This is an older post that I had forgotten about, hope you enjoy.

I’m going dancing with the hubby and after an exciting parade in which flowers were thrown in my hair (think broken daisy pieces in my twist-out), I needed a serious washing.

  1. 0:00 Go downstairs to the garden to get a piece of rosemary for rosemary tea rinse
  2. 0:01 Get distracted by garden
  3. 0:10 Clip piece of rosemary
  4. 0:11 Put rosemary in microwave with filtered water for 1:00
  5. 0:12 While rosemary is seeping, add three squeezes of honey to water and stir with a bit of coconut oil
  6. 0:15 Part hair into four sections
  7. 0:18 Turn on shower to finally begin washing hair
  8. 0:28 Finish stage one of hair washing in which I finger comb sections to detangle, then add conditioner to wash scalp, ran out of conditioner, used two drops of hubby’s shampoo to finish hair
  9. 0:32 Finished stage two by pouring honey rosemary tea rinse over head and following up with vinegar rinse
  10. 0:36 After finger combing coconut oil through hair step out the shower to hubby’s shocked face at the amount of stuff it takes to do my hair
  11. 0:42 Put large clips in it to stretch the curls and look like a strange horror villain from an old movie.

Do you have any “strange” routines?


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