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Value of Water May 2, 2012

Filed under: Healthy Me — trntm @ 1:20 pm

I really need to increase my water intake, heck, my liquid intake really. I’m not a big drinker of any sort.

There are various reasons for increasing my liquids:

-Detox, yep. I used to call it “peeing the cold away” before I recognize that I was detoxing during colds to get all the waste and viruses out of my body.

-Clear Skin, so I heard, I haven’t seen much evidence of this, but then again, skin issues take months to clear.

-Moist Hair-both inside and out. My hair loooves water, so the more the better.

-Painless Periods, this is usually combined when I eat less sugars, so I am ok with painless periods and non premenstual symptoms, though often as I result I have to consult my calendar since my body no longer sends the old signals that a period is coming (tender boobs, aching cramps, etc).

-More Energy, this may be a bad thing since I’m a ball of energy already 😛 so much so that people ask if I had coffee to which I reply, no-only water. LOL

What do you notice when you drink more water?


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