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PYE: Week 2 & Multiple Pony Braid January 22, 2012

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Ok, week 2-check in.

I did a hot oil treatment last time, you can read about the results here. I was still rinsing oil out of my hair and waiting for my hair to “balance itself out”.

This week I did chunky two strand twists-about 20 total in my hair. I then wore my signature multiple pony, but with a twist.

Since the ends needed to be tucked in, I had to make adjustments.

I gathered the first section of my hair and made a ponytail.

I then gathered the second section of my hair along with the end of the first ponytail and made a second pony-tail.

I braided the loose end.

Then took a booby pin and anchored the end of the braid into the braid itself, by folding it under.

This style is easy and quick, notice a theme yet with my styles 😛 By the time it was looking rough, it would be time to wash it again 🙂 Not a bad weekly style.

I am doing weekly styles since I struggle with dandruff and have to rinse my scalp at least twice a week. This does havoc on my styles such as two-strand twists, so I simply try to find weekly styles, or at the most, styles that last two weeks-like my two strand twists.

How often do you change your hair style?


PYE Challenge: Possible Styles January 19, 2012

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I have decided to bookmark a few styles that would help keep my ends protected during the “Protect Your Ends” Challenge at Black Girl Long Hair.

African-Amish Tuck and Roll at A Curl’s Best Friend. I will try to adapt this to use with twists as well.

Do you have any styles that you recommend?


PYE: Week 1 & Y-Twist Updo January 15, 2012

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It’s been a bit over a week (Jan 1-8), but thanks to deadlines with journals, I couldn’t update.

The first week was too much manipulation. I was still out of the country visiting family and was trying a new side challenge of using four or less bobby pins. My hair was in two strand twists, but I did a lot of different updos thanks to the multiple events we had going on from New Year’s Eve parties, to dancing in fancy hotel ballrooms and some perfect beach days.

I did develop a new style which I dubbed the Y-twist Updo

Basically, I took the hair and separated it into thirds. Two on either side of my head and one for the back.

Then, I took the back section and made a two-strand twist.

I pinned the twist to the top of my head, taking care to fold the ends under the twist.

I then took a side section and made a two strand twist.

I wrapped the twisted over and then under the back twist and pinned it down.

I did the same with the other side.

The style only used three bobby pins and was pretty cute and very fast and easy to do. It can be done on loose hair as well, or chunkier twists. I will be adding this style to my options of the PYE Challenge, but I might had a few more bobby pins, so I can wear it for several days before taking it down. With only three bobby pins, I had to redo the style each day. However, that might be good as it allows my hair a chance to “rest” without tension, besides I’ll have to take it down at least twice a week-once to do a rinse so my scalp can get moisturized and once for wash day.

Speaking of, for those who have to rinse your scalp often due to dandruff, do you have any tips on how to get by going a full week without rinsing the scalp, or is this just something that has to be done for the health of the scalp?


5 Minute Crochet Flower July 25, 2010

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I’ve been trying to make good use of my time lately and enjoying the thrill of completion. This means that I have also been chosing smaller projects that can be started and completed in a matter of hours or minutes.

I had some scrap yarn and my trusty needle-also my active kitty who insists that yarn is the dessert of choice for cats.

Five minutes later-well, seven if you count the time that I had to pull yarn from my kitty in his attempts to digest the colorful string-and I had the first of many crochet flowers.

Which can be placed in the hair

or on a shoe for a quick change.

What’s your favorite way to update an old look? New buttons, belt, paint color, etc?


Twist Out April 20, 2010

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Finally took my braids out and did my first round of co-washing. I like to cowash at least three times before I feel confident that all the little gritties and pieces of lint are gone.

After the second co-wash and air dry time, I twisted my hair in big twists, pulled it into a ponytail. Wrapped a scarf and popped on a satin bonnet then went to bed. Ignore the spot of conditoner on the top of my head.

Then I untwisted it in the morning. This is the result.

I love my hair.

What do you love about your hair?