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The Making of a Bar/Console Table-Part 3 August 15, 2010

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The bar is finally finished.

It went from this

to this with the addition of some wrapping paper

to this with the addition of a fabric curtain panel.

The console section of the bar is complete. There is plenty of room for shoes, purses, mail, keys and pesky receipts. 

The bar section looks empty, but that’s because I stocked the bar after the photo. I didn’t want you to think that all we did was drink ^_^

After using the bar, I’ve decided not to add a wider top for now and I need to add a nice tall plant in the corner instead of the tall table. I might add some curtains to the bar as well so all the goodies are on display.

The final tally for the bar/console table:

  • Bookcases, 3, =$39

Everything else was on hand at the house. So for less than $40, I have a nice piece of furniture to welcome guests and serve tasty adult beverages.


The Making of a Bar/Console Table-Part 2 August 10, 2010

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Remember my cute design sketch for the console table/bar?

Well, a trip to Target threw those plans out the window.

The home decor aisle called my name and as I wandered longingly touching the pretties, I noticed several red stickers on some beautiful simple bookcases.

Hmmm, the bar is basically going to be two bookcases…why not purchase the bookcases pre-fab and then modify them later?

At $13 a piece, this was a better deal. Heck, no cutting, nailing, gluing or measuring required. Loved it.

So now the bookcases are put together and standing proudly by the door. Of course I need to add some flair to the front of the bar (the former back of the bookcases) as well as decide if I will add a wider top to the bookcases so that there’s ample bartending space.

Yes, I did put the backing on backwards for the two bookcases that would serve as the front of the bar.

What do you order at the bar? Is it Shirley Temples, Vodka Punches or Apple Martinis?


The Making of a Bar/Console Table-Part 1 August 5, 2010

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I saw this great idea on Design on a Dime. The crew made a combination console table and bar for the family. I loved the idea. It would be perfect for us since our front door opens directly into what we call the lounge.

The project seemed fairly simple so I sketched a simple plan for the bar.

The back of the bar would hold wine bottles as well as other bar essentials, the console has a slot for mail, keys and our guests’ purses and shoes. The front of the bar would have a medallion of some sort to tie in with the ethnic decor scheme of the lounge.

What have you sketched out lately?