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How smart is my little baby? January 20, 2010

Filed under: The Cat — trntm @ 4:36 am


I think he’s very smart. When the in-laws visited, he was kicked out of his bedroom and had to spend the week in the small cramped colder laundry room instead of lounging in his big bed and running around his room.

As a result, he throughly ignored and tormented my brother-in-law’s girlfriend who stayed in the room. I think he knew that she was the reason he had to sleep downstairs on a stuffed pet bed and not on his full size deluxe mattress.

Everytime she called him to her, he would tilt his nose and swing his head away as if in disgust. If he was playing with a toy, the moment she came over with the toy he would leave. He only did this to her. Anyone else would call him and he would gladly come and purr under their feet, but the woman who stole his bedroom, never!